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The interior

Succisa House

The building covers 150m2 set within brick walls and arches that are made of the typical natural stone found in the region.

The interior includes impressive wooden decks and heavy balks, the floors are partially parquet of chestnut wood mixed with stone floors. The large living room is dominated by a chimney, made of stone blocks that also can serve thermo heating and gas supply.

All the houses are decorated in elegant style and furnished with period furniture. The kitchen has been refurbished to its original style, also possible in pastel colours, comprising of cupboards made from wood and work solid areas made from stone and wood with a feel of antiquity. The sink is an eye-catcher, made to measure from one natural stone. One bathroom, equipped rustically, is connected to a bedroom. An old stair from wood lead upstairs, where a small corridor connects a bedroom with a mansard. This bedroom with another rustically equipped bathroom, has a panoramic view into the garden. The bathrooms include wooden basins, toilets and accessories set in stone and wood, and a well designed bath tub and shower is designed in an old barrel shape.

The house is made of organic materials such as stone and wood to give you the feel of nature. Combining stone with wood creates a warmth and overall it offers you a simple but luxurious life style. It provides you with every comfort and amenities of modern living in an environment that adapts to historical traditions.